About Slowroads

Firmly believing in the principles of sustainability and slow fashion, slowroads is for the freespirited, for those who are brave enough to pursue their eccentric dreams, for individuals who are original, curious, experimental, and who use clothing as a means of self-expression.
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Environmentally Conscious Ultra-Comfortable Clothing

Slowroads brings you an eclectic selection of menswear, authentically curated by artisans residing across villages in India. Our prints and weaves are thoughtfully designed by giving utmost importance to your comfort and style. We take pride in offering our customers stylish, one-of-a-kind, artistic clothing that is environmentally conscious and has an intriguing contemporary edge.

Premium Block Printed Cotton Shirts for Men

Designs inspired by nature to complement the explorer in you. Our comfortable and tastefully designed collection of shirts for men will add a creative and colourful touch to your everyday wardrobe. These shirts are created with the utmost attention to details, taking both comfort and aesthetics into consideration. So lets take the slow roads..

Go past the stereotype with exclusively designed, sustainable clothing.

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