All Slowroads_ shirts are made from mulmul cotton fabric which is light in weight and has a smooth, soft surface. Here are some details...


What is Mulmul Fabric?

Mulmul is a type of fabric that is made from cotton. It is typically light in weight and has a smooth, soft surface. Mulmul fabric is often used for garments such as shirts, dresses, and skirts.


History of Mulmul Cotton

Mulmul is a type of cotton fabric that originated in India. It is made from very fine, long-staple cotton fibers that are hand-picked and spun into yarn. The resulting fabric is soft, lightweight, and has a natural sheen.

Mulmul gets its name from the Hindi word for "flower", which is what the cotton fibers resemble when they are hand-picked. This type of fabric was traditionally used for making women's underwear and nightgowns because it is so soft and comfortable.

Today, mulmul is still made in India using traditional methods. It is also becoming popular in the West as a sustainable and ethical alternative to conventional cotton fabrics.


What Makes Mulmul Cotton Stand Out?

There are many different types of cotton fabrics, but mulmul cotton is one of the most special. This type of cotton is very lightweight and soft, making it ideal for summer clothing or for layering under other garments. Mulmul cotton is also more absorbent than other cottons, so it's perfect for towels, face cloths, or other items that need to be absorbent. And because it's so lightweight, mulmul cotton is often used in quilting and other crafts.

Care Instructions

Mulmul is a delicate fabric and needs to be handled with care. Follow these instructions to keep your mulmul garments looking their best:

-Wash by hand in cold water, using a mild detergent.
-Do not wring or twist the fabric; simply press out excess water with your hands.
-Hang to dry in a cool, shaded area.
-Iron on the reverse side, using a cool setting.
-Do not dry clean.